Discover our journey from Living Artsy to Designed With Michelle. Starting with a simple gift, our love and talent grew.

Once upon a time, in my little garden, our company was born. It all started with a Winnie the Pooh bookmark, lovingly crafted for a special mother-in-law. The joy of drawing that little bear sparked a flame that would grow into a burning passion for creating.

From that day forward, I spent countless hours practicing and perfecting my craft, honing my skills and developing my own unique style. As time went on, my drawings began to garner attention from family and friends, who encouraged me to start selling my artwork. With the support of my family, I began creating more and more pieces and turning them into unique gifts. Eventually, we decided to turn my passion into a business, starting small by working out of our living room as Living Artsy.

From those humble beginnings, our company began to take shape. The living room became a makeshift studio, filled with pencils, paints, and paper. Inspiration was drawn from the world around us, and ideas were sketched out onto every available surface. we felt we out grew out name as we expanded our ideas, so we became Designed With Michelle.

Though we may work out of our living room for now, the dream of something bigger burns bright. Every day, we strive to bring our vision to life, creating Gifts that are both beautiful and meaningful. And it all started with a simple Winnie the Pooh bookmark, crafted with love and a little bit of magic.